In March 2014, The EPR General Synod established the decentralization system where the 7 presbyteries were set up, Kigali Presbytery is one of these presbyteries Head office is located in Amajyambere village, Musezero cell, Gisozi sector, Gasabo district, Kigali city….

P.O BOX: 56 Kigali-Rwanda
Tel (+250) 788740705

Representative: Rev. Bienvenu MUSABYIMANA


Remera Presbytery is one among seven presbyteries that compose Presbyterian Church in Rwanda, situated in the southern province, Kamonyi District, Rukoma sector, Remera Cell, Kabande village. It is composed of 31 Parishes, among them 4 Parishes still missionaries (sub-Parishes)….

P.O BOX: 56 Kigali-Rwanda
Tel: +250  788 630 571

Representative: Rev. Jérôme BIZIMANA

EPR-Rubengera Presbytery

Since 2008, the EPR has reviewed its structure and adopted a decentralized system. From the General synod of March 2014 in its 46 sessions, Rubengera Presbytery has been officially approved and combined 3 Regions namely: Cyangugu,Gaseke, Rubengera and some parishes from Itabire Region….

P.O BOX: 56 Kigali, Rwanda
Tel: + 250 724954510

 Representative: Rev. Prince N. KARANGWA


The Gisenyi Presbytery of Presbyterian Church in Rwanda (EPR Gisenyi Presbytery) has been instituted and established by the decision of the Presbyterian Church in Rwanda (EPR) in its 46 th ordinary session held in Kigali from 10 to 14 March 2014 and has its juridical personality…

P.O BOX: 56 Kigali-Rwanda
Tel: +250 788569781

Representative: Rev. Joseph NDAGIRO


Zinga Presbytery is one among seven Presbyteries of the Presbyterian Church in Rwanda; it is located in Eastern Province, Rwamagana District, Kigabiro sector, Cyanya cell Bigabiro village and it covers the six districts. The history of the Presbyterian Church in Rwanda indicates that the village of Zinga…

P.O BOX: 56 Kigali-Rwanda
Tel: +250  781 058 480

Representative: Rev. Paul NKURUNZIZA


Kirinda is one of 7 presbyteries that make up the Presbyterian Church in Rwanda. This organ has been named presbytery by the EPR  General Synod,  which took place on March 10 -14, 2014. The structure of the EPR was changed there was a combination of what were regions, formed 7…

P.O BOX: 56 Kigali-Rwanda
Tel: +250 782750226 (Office)

Representative: Rev.J.M Vianney MUKESHIMANA


Gitarama Presbytery is one of the seven presbyteries of the Presbyterian Church in Rwanda(EPR). It was established in 2014 when the General Synod of EPR reformed its structures, where 17 regions have been combined and formed 7 Presbyteries. Gitarama Presbytery is made by the former Butare Region…

P.O BOX: 30 Gitarama
Tel: (+250) 788 755 742

Representative: Rev. Albertine NYIRANEZA