Diakonia and Development Department

Development and Diakonia Department

Diaconia means serving and is at the core of the church identity. Since the beginning of Christianity, the term diaconia has referred to the service done by the church to people in need, to fight for justice and equal opportunities for all. The church has critical role to play in the economic development of our church members, church growth and development in different aspects and country in general.

Referring to our strategic plan, our department focuses on the following main activities:

  • Design and advocacy for project funding
  • Management of food security project cycles,promotion of employment and other vital sectors of the society,
  • Initiate and monitor savings and credit structures
  • Serve as an interface with guest houses and hotels
  • Conceive the concept of diaconia and make it aware in parishes and presbyteries,
  • Execute diaconal activities: accompany and materialize,
  • The initiation of income generating activities for parishes and presbyteries,
  • Design and apply intervention strategies sectors of the EPR
  • Design and execute self-development projects of households
  • Mobilize contributions to the operating budge to f EPR
  • Initiate and materialize humanitarian projects by favor of marginalized people (with disabilities, AIDS, poor and disaster victims).
  • Work hand in hand with other EPR structures to develop and implement strategic plans and operational plans.
Director of Diakonia and Development Department

Main Projects and Activities of Diaconia

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