Diakonia and Development Department

The Church educates people about saving money

The Church in collaboration with Hope International has helped people with savings skills. The training given to them was about the courses showing how one can improve his living condition without the big capital. Their tool is savings groups where they collect money every week, for each member to save, and they can use the credit among themselves. The last week of November 2022 was the savings week. On 28/10/2022 at Karongi presbytery, Rubengera parish, there was a presentation of certificates to 39 teenage mothers who were trained in sewing and the church gave them the sewing machine as contribution. On 31/10/2022 at the presbytery of Gitarama, in the parish of Rukamiro during this savings week, the savings group built a house for a poor mother, who has no who has no home.

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