About Us


Given the various challenges of the scope of action of the EPR to be met and the burdens that weigh on its work, the stakeholders have developed the vision of the EPR wanting it to be:

“A mature, united, witnessing and transforming Church.”


The EPR has the mission or reason for being specified by its actors in this order:

“To evangelize by proclaiming the love and salvation offered by God in Jesus Christ,

– Contribute to the promotion of the integral and integrated well-being of human beings through testimonial social works,

– Change men and women making them agents of change in the society ».

EPR Strategic Plan of 25 years

The Presbyterian Church in Rwanda (EPR) bases its actions on the plans that God helps it to materialize. The leadership of the EPR is convinced that the absence of planning is tacit planning for its failure. Therefore, the Church has developed a culture of anticipating the future to devise strategies that support activities without blindly advancing and reduce risks by increasing the chances of success. The relevant question at the outset is, on a day-to-day basis, “where do we want to bring the EPR in the short, medium, and long term?” It is within this framework that the EPR has developed a 25-year strategic plan.

This strategic plan is by no means the first; it derives from that of the past five years (2013-2017) and updates the main orientations of the Church’s action. With the last plan period ending, it was logical and consistent for the EPR leadership to develop a new plan. The best practices and lessons learned in implementing the final strategic plan motivate the elaboration of this because it is not only a modern management tool that makes all actors responsible but also a resourcing document that serves as a guide for all action plans implemented.