The Church Growth Department

The Department of Church Growth (DCE), which has the services of Evangelism and Christian Education, youth, women and family, is one of the five Departments of the Presbyterian Church in Rwanda.

The Education Department

The Education Department was established by EPR in March 2022 to replace the Education Component and in accordance with the EPR Strategic Plan 2018-2042.

The Administration and Finance Department

The Presbyterian Church in Rwanda-EPR is one of the faith-based organizations functioning in Rwanda, and for its proper management of financials, the EPR has established the department of finance and administration with main role of enforcing the financial staff to adhere to the EPR’s financial and administrative policies

The Development and Diakonia Department

Diaconia means serving and is at the core of the church identity. Since the beginning of Christianity, the term diaconia has referred to the service done by the church to people in need, to fight for justice and equal opportunities for all.

The Health Department

The department of Health is  one of the 7 departments of EPR. Its mission is to promote quality health care and community health among the population. Interventions of health department include health facilities and community health projects