Gitarama Presbytery is one of the seven presbyteries of the Presbyterian Church in Rwanda(EPR). It was established in 2014, when the General Synod of EPR reformed its structures, where 17 regions have been combined and formed 7 Presbyteries. Gitarama Presbytery is made by the former Butare Region and Gitarama Region.  it covers the great part of the Southern province of Rwanda where it operates in nine different Districts which are: Muhanga,Ruhango, Nyanza, Huye, Gisagara, Nyaruguru, Nyamagabe and a part of Kamonyi District and Ngororero District in Western Province of Rwanda. 

The Gitarama Presbytery’s headquarter is locatedin Kabeza Village, Ruli Cell, Shyogwe Sector, Muhanga District, Southern Province.

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Gitarama Presbytery is composed by 19 parishes and 20 sub parishes namely:

1Paroisse GitaramaMuhangaNyamabuye
2Paroisse KabadahaMuhangaMushishiro
3Paroisse RutongoMuhangaKabacuzi
4Paroisse GasagaraMuhangaRongi
5Paroisse RukamiroMuhangaNyarusange
6Paroisse NdizaMuhangaKiyumba
7Paroisse Irerwa ya KabezaMuhangaShyogwe
8Paroisse irerwa ya GisizaMuhangaCyeza
9Paroisse irerwa ya MusangeMuhangaMushishiro
10Paroisse irerwa ya KigandaMuhangaMushishiro
11Paroisse irerwa ya MurambiMuhangaNyarusange
12Paroisse irerwa ya KinsangaMuhangaKabacuzi
13Paroisse irerwa ya KibayaMuhangaKabacuzi
14Paroisse irerwa ya NyarusangeMuhangaRongi
15Paroisse irerwa ya RwamakaraMuhangaRongi
16Paroisse MpushiKamonyiMusambira
17Paroisse GikoKamonyiKayumbu
18Paroisse RutobweKamonyiKayumbu
19Paroisse NtondeKamonyiKayumbu
20Paroisse irerwa ya GasekeKamonyiKayumbu
21Paroisse RuhangoRuhangoRuhango
22Paroisse KinaziRuhangoKinazi
23Paroisse MusenyiRuhangoMbuye
24Paroisse irerwa ya KirwaRuhangoMbuye
25Paroisse irerwa ya GitweRuhangoBwira
26Paroisse zirerwa ya BuhaRuhangoKayumbu
27Paroisse irerwa ya BweramvuraRuhangoKayumbu
28Paroisse NyanzaNyanzaBusasamana
29Paroisse MututuNyanzaKibirizi
30Paroisse irerwa ya MucubiraNyanzaCyabakamyi
31Paroisse ButareHuyeNgoma
32Paroisse MbaziHuyeMbazi
33Paroisse irerwa GihindamuyagaHuyeMbazi
34Paroisse irerwa ya MatyazoHuyeNgoma
35Paroisse irerwa ya CyegeraHuyeKinazi
36Paroisse NyamagabeNyamagabeGasaka
37Paroisse irerwa ya MugombwaGisagaraMugombwa
38Paroisse irerwa ya NyakizuNyaruguruRusenge
39Paroisse MukingiNgororeroBwira