Church Growth Department

EPR Welcomed The youth seminar – Central Africa Region

The youth seminar – Central Africa Region was prepared by the Cevaa, took place from 03th   to 09th   july 2022 at  Kigali in Bethany Investment Group / Branch Isano.

Vice-President and Legal Representative of the Presbyterian Church in Rwanda, as a member of the Cevaa, welcomed the participants of the seminar from different African countries: Rwanda, DRC, Center Africa, Gabo, Bene, Togo and Cameroon.

During their stays, took lessons

– Region, peace and non-violence

– Evangelization with respect for others

-Peacefully deal with theological and doctrinal differences

– Social networks and radicalism

At the end of the seminar the Church Leader organized the meeting of the participants and Ministry of Local Government Rwanda. The Minister recommended these young people to be promoters for the development of Africa.