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Institut Presbyterien de Kirinda (IPK)

Institut Presbyterien de Kirinda (IPK) is a Non-Government school founded by the Presbyterian
Church in Rwanda in 1981. The school is conceptualized as a contribution of the Church to the
welfare of society as it was founded in a period where access to secondary education was
an issue in Rwanda. Therefore, the school opened up opportunities for young people coming
from Church members’ families and others to enjoy their rights to education. The school is
located in the rural area of Kirinda, the place where the first protestant German missionaries
settled in Rwanda back in 1907. Since its foundation, a big number of people graduated from it
and they are now serving society in different fields including accounting, bank services,
teaching, construction, ICT, Church service and others.
Recently the school has taken a professional orientation to align its mission with the
requirements of the current changing environment. Students are trained in fields of Accounting,
Building construction and ICT efforts are made to meet the school vision which reads
“Balanced quality education for excellence in a global society”.
Being a private, the functioning of the school relies on the partnership with students’ parents,

Church-owner of it and a good partnership with JMFA (Junge Menshen Für Afrika) – a German-
based association which has a good collaboration with the school since 2003. It is in the

framework of this partnership that a big project of “Rara Heza” is underway since a couple of
years. The project aims to build a new complex story building that will serve as a girls’

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