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The Education Department was established by EPR in March 2022 to replace the Education Component and in accordance with the EPR Strategic Plan 2018-2042.The purpose of the EPR in terms of Education is that children, young people and adults of the EPR structures are trained and supported in such a way as to face the challenges of a fulfilling personal, professional and social life and to a strong social commitment.

Thus EPR, through its education department, is committed to providing quality education for all through nursery, primary, secondary and higher schools, adult literacy centers, vocational training centers and special schools for people with disabilities.These schools and centers are located in all provinces and in most districts of the country as well as in all the presbyteries and in almost all the parishes of EPR.
EPR has two types of schools, private schools and government-subsidized schools. In private schools, students are recruited by EPR as well as teaching and administrative staff. In government-subsidized schools, students and staff governed by the statute are recruited by MINEDUC while staff governed by the labor code are recruited by EPR.

However, it should be noted that the CPAJ (Presbyterian Center for the Love of Young People), which is a psycho-social rehabilitation center for children and young people in social and school failure (street children and single mothers) operates within the Department of Education.

The Education Commission is set up by the general synod of EPR and meets at least twice a calendar year. In addition, Education meetings within each presbytery are organized at least once a quarter of the school year. EPR organises an Education Week each year.

The CEPEP (Mutual Aid Fund for the Promotion of Presbyterian Schools), was created in order to reinforce quality education in Presbyterian schools.
EPR, the Government of Rwanda, as well as various potential partners of EPR, play an important role in achieving the general objective of EPR in terms of Education.

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